Monday, January 7, 2008

The book is REAL!

So, after a year of working toward our goal of publishing my book, I can now hold it in my hands.  It is a REAL product now, not just a lofty dream. My mom and I expected to receive our first case of books (sent by air mail - the others are on a boat and will be arriving at the end of the month) at the end of the week and were more than pleasantly surprised to have them delivered to us today!  Woah.  I'm still shaking from the wonder of it all. Even my son was NUTS over the excitement of it all - dancing around, bouncing on his bouncy ball, and couldn't sit still to eat his lunch (and this boy lives to eat!). As soon as we could convince him to wash his hands, he got to be the first official reader of the book as my mom read it to him.  What a thrill!
There is more work yet to be done, but you can bet that now that we have the end result in-hand, we are twice as motivated and ready to get the full shipment into everyone's hands.  Hooray! 

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