Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Energy Spreads

So I sent out an email to friends and family yesterday announcing the book. Until I hit "send", the book didn't seem real. I was much calmer about the whole book arrival than I expected - until yesterday. Now, as the orders flutter in and I get feedback from people, it seems real. And my brain is in a constant spin - if you stand close enough to me, I bet you can hear it whirring! The residual energy from the brain has my legs in a constant state of twitch - something that ordinarilly drives me crazy in others. I think I'll be more understanding of my dad's, husband's, son's & daughter's constant need to bounce or kick their legs from now on! A run might help, too, which I intend to do tomorrow morning.
Probably the most exciting response I've gotten thus far is from some leaders of running programs for girls: Girls Run (sorry, no Web site yet, but we talked about the possibilities for it being up and going soon!) and Fit Girls (www.fitgirls.org). I spoke with one of the founders of Girls Run yesterday and her energy is just infectious! I'm looking forward to meeting her in person someday soon - hopefully in November when I can visit the participants of Girls Run and some schools in their region of TX. My to-do list nearly doubled after talking with her, but it was well worth it, especially since she's so graciously spreading the word in her area about the book. 
Sarah from Fit Girls is also an amazing leader. She's preparing to run her 13th Boston Marathon, raising money through the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge as she trains. This woman is dedicated to fitness, lifting-up girls, literacy and philanthropy. What an inspiration! I'm hoping we can work something out so her runners can get copies of the book, too.
So, just as I thought I was running out of energy, two fellow-runners and cheerleaders for girls swooped down and reminded me that this work is worthwhile. The task of selling the books now that their printed is a HUGE undertaking, but the rewards are numerous. Thanks for that reminder, Ladies!

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