Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Go Drill Team, Go!

I had the pleasure of meeting with the high school drill team and their friends, the dance team, this morning (poor weather yesterday may have kept the other spirit teams from attending, with the uncertainty of the event being held - the Puget Sound region enjoyed a snow day yesterday). Talking with them and watching their rehearsal made me feel young again! I don't really know what I was expecting, but I was really impressed by the girls and their amazing focus (even as they ate lunch!) as I talked with them about my high school pom squad years and how I took up running and wrote my book. These girls were a great audience - participating when I had an interactive life-balance activity and even crowding around me feet to listen to me read the book to them (their request!). They rounded out my visit by showing me their two routines that they'll be performing at the National competition this weekend in Florida. Their formations looked good and they radiated a positive energy. What a morning!

On a side note, I also learned an important lesson for my own life/body balance. High heeled boots look fabulous, but they should not be worn ALL morning. Next time I'll keep them in the car and change into them right before a visit and then put on my comfy shoes as soon as I get back to the car!

Good luck, Drill Girls - I know you'll do great!

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