Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The ups and downs of collaboration

I'm honored to be running a business with my mom. Her expertise/professionalism and understanding of my passion are priceless pieces that have enabled the publication of We Are Girls Who Love to Run and are what will keep the business of Balanced Steps going as we make the big push for the consulting/workshop branch of it. We've learned more in this past year about publishing a book and building a business than either of us ever dreamed we would need to know!  We've made plenty of mistakes, and have become stronger and smarter for them - thank goodness!
Since this business is all about BALANCE, it is something we're trying to establish with one another. How do we collaborate effectively? We are both involved in many decisions, but who is responsible for communicating the end results? Do we need to more clearly divide responsibilities and limit the decisions we make together and then just understand that we're to roll with the other person's decisions within their assigned realm?  How do we relinquish control and become more comfortable and confident with one another? Overall, I'd say we're making GREAT progress and producing some fantastic products and resources to make a positive impact in our community (and even the community at large - nationwide!), so I'm not really complaining. I just know that in order for us to take the book and the business to the next level, we have some tweaking to do - and I know my mom agrees. I suppose this is the challenge that all start-ups face once they are truly rolling forward . . . whew!  And then maybe we'll be prepared to get a few more hands on deck to help with it all - but first . . . book sales! 

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