Monday, January 21, 2008

Game Plan in Hand

My mom and I met for 2 uninterrupted hours tonight to create our business game plan for the next month. Really - uninterrupted! The kids were asleep, my husband stayed home to work on homework for his graduate class and I went to Mom's house. Her dogs even agreed to let us work once I gave them hugs and complimented them on their pretty new collars. My dad was at his own meeting, so for the first time in months, we really just focused on figuring out which end is up without distraction. It felt good to get everything listed out and "organized" so we could really get to business checking off the items. The meeting felt a bit like a pre-game coaches meeting:
- "My sales gal will swing around to the left to email your gym guy. Send your driver around the back to pick up the young one while I get the spirit squads ready for their big entry."
- "I'll pack the equipment to get it on the bus for delivery in time for the game. Look out for the confirmation emails coming in from above regarding the sales blitz."
It's really much more fun to think of it in sports terms than the reality of it all. This is why I take time to write some nights when I could be in bed. Reframing the events of the day in a more positive or silly light helps me process and find calm in the midst of the chaos. And then I can sleep. A necessary life element when EVERY day for the next month or two is Game Day!  Ready . . . .BREAK!

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