Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Getting Jittery!

So today we got word that the books will be shipped on January 7th - holy moly, that's next week!  One part of me wants to crank up some music and dance around the house like a lunatic as this dream of mine becomes a reality . . . but that darn, practical side of me is listing out the hundreds of "to-do" items that stand between the thousands of books that will be housed in two garages (ours and my parents')  the hands of thousands of readers.
Deep breath.  In . . . out.  Whew!
Wait a minute!  How often can someone say that their first published book is about to be in their hands? Until 2007 (thanks to some networking with fabulous authors/illustrators who have done all of this at least once themselves) I didn't know a single soul who experienced that amazement, so I'm willing to bet that the answer to my question is, "Not too frequently - and that window of time is a slender one!"
That said, I think I'll ignore that stuffy, practical, perfectionist gal inside me for once (I really do like that gal, as she can reach a goal like nobody's business, but I can't listen to her ALL of the time - she's exhausting!) and go put up my feet and relax.  I'll unleash the dancin' gal when the books ARE in hand - you'll know when that is, because she'll be singin' too (you might have to cover your ears, though. Sorry about that - my dancing is much better than my singing)!

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