Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Generosity of Many

While this week has been exciting, hectic and stressful (to say the least!), it has also been heartwarming and reassuring. In the midst of the chaos and rushed schedule (preschool, music class, MOD Mixer, spreading the word about the book, doctor's appointments . . . you get the drift) each day has been brightened by the unconditional generosity of people around me. It makes me proud to be part of my own community and confirms what I already knew: there IS goodness in this crazy world. Here are some of the things that made my heart smile this week:
- The graphic designer for my book is donating a portion from the sales of his own newly-released books to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (to read about his beautiful picture books for all ages and learn how to order, visit his AMAZINGLY polished and stunning website:
- A MOD friend of mine is coordinating Random Acts of Kindness Week in our town next week to support our local businesses and remind people of how lucky we all are to have such an amazing community
- We had speakers visit our MOD Mixer yesterday from New Day for Children, a soon-to-be non-profit organization working to build an orphanage and offer educational opportunities to children in rural Tanzania who have lost their parents in the AIDS pandemic there
- My son's pre-school teachers read We Are Girls Who Love to Run to his class on Tuesday (the day after we got it in our own hands!) and are sharing the news of the book in the next newsletter - all UNSOLICITED!
- My healthcare provider is posting the newspaper article about me in the waiting area of his office (along with order forms and a copy of the book!) to spread word of the book and support our business as a fellow Chamber member
- A woman from the local Nestle' corporate training facility sent us a cookbook they just published and is offering to assist our school district's efforts to bring GoGirlGo! to our schools (I'm going with some PTA representatives from the schools in February to learn about this great program and how we can bring it to our girls! see: - national site, - Seattle site)
- Deena Kastor ( donated signed copies of her poster to the GoGirlGo! Seattle initiative
I think I'll stop now before my kids wake up!  I'm sure I could continue for another half hour listing out the positive things happening around me. Take a minute to become aware of the beautiful gestures swiriling around your world. It will make YOU smile and encourage you to be a positive element in others' lives. The goodness in this world is created by the compilation of single generous and giving gestures, ranging from simple smiles and volunteer time to monetary contribtions and organization of groups to help others.

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