Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Books, Books & More Books

I've been sitting in silence for at least the last five minutes trying to figure out where to start my description of the 3,000 books in cases that we have stacked in my husband's car bay (the remaining books will reside in my parents' garage under the watchful eye of my father as he breathes new life into pianos in the neighboring space!). My husband generously gave up the dry, warm space in the garage so that we'd have a safe place to store the books and so that I could continue to park the family car in the other bay. Hopefully this cold spell will pass quickly so he doesn't have to scrape his windshield too many mornings!

I wish I could have helped with the process of getting the 5 pallets of books loaded into my dad's work van and trailer. My mom was our business representative and Dad's wing gal for getting the books loaded at the port. I'm excited to see the photos she took of the experience! I had the job of holding down the fort with the kids back at home, pacing in anticipation and dreaming up my own scenario for how it was all going. I would have also like to have helped unload the precious cargo, but I was the master of the ham and macaroni & cheese (from scratch!) and worked hard to focus the soon-to-be birthday girl's limitless energy in the house while her big brother "supervised" and "helped" as his treasured Papa single-handedly transferred case by case from the trailer and van to our garage (until super-husband finally made it home from work and lent a hand for the last few dozen cases). I have quite a crew on-hand and I stand in awe as they all give unconditionally to make this dream of mine a reality.

So, there the books sit. Many of them crying out to me to sign them and get them in the mail to their owners. Others sitting patiently, knowing they don't yet have readers. Another few cases are more squirrelly, wondering what excitement they can ignite when they get in the hands of some health care and fitness leaders. They are all filled with hope and promise, ready to share their message.