Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where did January Go?

The lead-up to January was big. It was a month filled with anticipation, as you can see:

- the big question: when will the books arrive?
- my daughter's first birthday
- my first author visit
- my college roommate taking her vet boards

And now it is the last day of the month. I'm thrilled to report:

- the books arrived a week earlier than we anticipated - it turned our worlds upside down, but in a good way!
- my daughter is now a forward riding gal in the car, enjoying the sites as we approach them, not as we pass them!
- I didn't throw up from nervousness before, during, or after my author visit this week (thank goodness for my public speaking practice as Co-President of MOD!)
- Jenny passed her boards!!!!!
- Kathrine Switzer sent a rave review of my book (to be posted soon on the Web site!)

With January under my belt, I'm ready to plow forward. Now I'm ready to look at the year more than one day at a time. The months ahead promise to be full ones:

- more author visits (not nearly as nerve-racking now!)
- press releases
- GoGirlGo! Seattle conference
- sending promotional copies of the book
- working to get publicity on radio, in magazines, in newspapers, on websites . . . and, and, and
- signing books
- enjoying the sunshine (on days the sun smiles down on us - rare now, but increasingly more frequent!)
- getting outside to play with the kids
- travelling to promote the book
- visits from family
- whatever else life throws our way!!!!

This is a BIG year for our family. So far, so good - and FAST!

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