Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gearing-up for the Week

Saturday was a glorious fall day - the kind of day that comes to mind when someone asks you to visualize the "perfect fall day". We headed to the pumpkin patch with the kids to find a vast array of pumpkins - short ones, fat ones, tall ones, white ones, mini ones - and managed to bring home one of each (which you can sort of see in the wheelbarrow Little Sister is attempting to push!).

The whole experience put me in a wonderful mood that I hope to maintain as long as possible! The pumpkins on the front steps will serve as a reminder of our wonderful family pumpkin patch outing, which should help prolong the warm, fuzzy feeling - even if the sky returns to the dreary Seattle gray.

This week I'm working to oust the junk - piles in the kitchen and bedroom don't stand a chance! If I can sit still long enough I'll get through the monstrosity on my desk that is on the verge of blocking the lower portions of my monitor (one telephone is currently serving as a paper weight to prevent that from happening, but I'm not sure how long the phone can battle the power of the junk!).

I'm also enjoying some one-on-one time with my son, which is something that doesn't often happen. Little Sister is off on an adventure with her dad for a few days, leaving Mr. Music and me to some quality time to ourselves. It is really a winning situation for us all.

Today my dad and I took him out for lunch and then to the zoo. When we got home we got to play a board game (a rarity, since Little Sister is usually around trying to take the pieces) and then made pumpkin bread with a sugar pumpkin we got on our adventure yesterday. A whole day of fun. Before bed, we curled up on the couch (bellies full from the pumpkin bread) to read not one, but two entire chapters of The Mouse & the Motorcycle - uninterrupted, even. Good times.

I anticipate the week being filled with more glorious reading time, playtime in the backyard (assuming cooperative weather, which I really SHOULDN'T assume), more pumpkin baking adventures, and more games. I'm smiling just thinking about it. I'm really going to treasure this time with just him, knowing that these opportunities are so rare. AND, the ease that comes with being with one child instead of two - really, I feel more relaxed and less stressed - refreshed even. Though I miss my husband and daughter, this time is good.

To make good on my dedication to de-clutter this week, I'm off to tackle the tops of the bedroom dressers. Then it is off to do some "light reading" - Setting Limits with Your Strong-Willed Child. This is going to be a great week. I love the satisfaction that comes with accomplishments!

I think the week is also looking good for 2-3 runs . . . Look out Husband, you might come home to a new wife - a de-cluttered, exercised, calm, happy woman.


teacherwoman said...

love the pictures. Sounds like it was a great time of one-on-one with Mr. Music! Have a great week, Briana!

Marcy said...

OMG how cute are they!! Awesome pics ;D