Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Trials & Achievements: Support Your Favorite Authors

First a big HOORAY to celebrate the achievement of a fellow author:

Congratulations to author PJ Hoover - today is the official release date of her book The Emerald Tablet! Be sure to read my review of her book here and then stop by her blog to wish her a wonderful day, because for authors Book Release Day is much like a child's birthday. A big deal. A really big deal. But if you've read my blog before, you already know that!

And now onto a discussion of a related on-going trial:

PJ sent out a great announcement email this morning. And it struck me, now that I'm 6 months into this published book world myself, that a significant chunk of the success of an author really does lie in the hands of READERS!

Think about your own reading cycle:

1. You pick out a book (either because it LOOKS interesting or because ANOTHER reader tells you it is).
2. You read the book.
3. You tell others about the book (either that they SHOULD read it, or that they should AVOID it - and why).
4. The cycle repeats with the next book. And if you recommended the book, the cycle repeats for the book with another reader (or thousands!).

In her announcement email, PJ Hoover included a great list of things readers can do to help celebrate and spread the word about their favorite books (which is especially helpful for first-time authors and small presses who don't have the big house man/woman power behind them). I think it is such a great list that I'm including it here. While PJ created the list to help publicize her book, The Emerald Tablet, but I think it is applicable to any book/author that you enjoy (maybe even a yellow-hatted girl who loves to run - I think you know who SHE is, right? - and her book, or her author friend Carol Goodrow):

- Tell everyone you meet to buy THE BOOK.
- Review THE BOOK and post the review on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Good reviews are even better. Brianna's note: It is even better if you've taken the time to review at least one other book - it adds credibility to your review and helps YOU with your writing skills!
- Suggest THE BOOK as the kid's book pick for Al Roker on The Today Show or for Oprah Winfrey's kid's book list.
- Give THE BOOK as a gift to every kid you know.
- Make THE BOOK your standard holiday gift this season. Remember it come birthday party time, also!
- If you order it at the bookstore, suggest they order a few more copies to keep in stock!
- Recommend THE BOOK to your school or public library and ask that they order it for their shelves.
- Blog about THE BOOK or THE AUTHOR or both.
- Suggest THE AUTHOR to your school librarian for an author visit. Brianna's added tip: Coordinate visits with neighboring schools/clubs to share travel costs and make a visit affordable for everyone!
- Have your kid recommend THE BOOK as a read-aloud book in their classroom.
- Interview THE AUTHOR, write an article about THE AUTHOR, or even just mention THE AUTHOR in passing to an old acquaintance.
- Use THE BOOK in your book club.
- Form a book club for your kids if needed just for this purpose.

Other ideas I have:
- Use THE BOOK (or related products) as a fundraiser to support a cause (check with the publisher for how you can do this!).
- Donate a copy of THE BOOK to a local Boys & Girls Club or community center.
- Write a letter to THE AUTHOR or THE PUBLISHER about why you like THE BOOK (they may include it on their website!).
- Take advantage of special offers THE AUTHOR or THE PUBLISHER provide for buying THE BOOK and share the offer with other readers.
- Visit THE AUTHOR's blog and leave a comment.

How about YOU? What suggestions do you have for supporting your favorite author?

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J~Mom said...

It's amazing that 6 months have gone by already...congrats!!