Monday, October 6, 2008

Starting with a Thankful Heart in the Rain

Here we are at Monday again. While not everything is falling into place as I'd like, I can't seem to accomplish my tasks as quickly in reality as I do in my brain, and our home has been plagued with the first round of colds this season (and we're out of tissue!), there are STILL many things for which I am thankful. Here are my top 5, in no particular order:

1. Cooler weather means I can pull out my sweaters and my Keens/Dr. Martins. I love my chunky shoes. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em.

2. Morning naps (Little Sister's, not mine - I would enjoy a daily morning nap I'm sure, but I'd be frustrated that I wouldn't be accomplishing tasks). I'm enjoying these while they last. Something tells me the days with naps are numbered.

3. The Seattle Symphony Tiny Tots series. We're headed for the first concert of the year on Friday, this time with some friends! Can't wait!

4. The magic of the Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Raising Sand concert last Wednesday. It was a LATE night for us, but it was absolutely amazing. Led Zeppelin fans have every right to be sad that Plant won't be reuniting with is former band members . . . but they should seriously consider checking out his new projects. I can't believe how T-Bone Burnett transformed some old classics to be hauntingly wonderful new pieces using bluegrass instruments and the voice talents of Plant & Krauss. I could just go on & on & on & on . . . it was simply one of the best concerts I've attended - and I've seen some good ones!

5. I'll be signing books my birthday weekend in November at the REF runs for Riverview Turkey Trot (which was the topic of my first post , which was just 147 short posts ago - woah!). Somehow the event had slipped my mind (not my calender, though!) . . . until I read my name in the paper as one of the attractions for the Expo! Things have been a bit slower than I like with the book, so it is great to know that my "name" can help promote a wonderful event that will benefit the health and wellness programs for a school district. And, it will motivate me to get some longer runs in over the next few weeks so I can take part in their inagural 10K race!

And YOU, kind reader, what is something for which you are thankful this fine Monday?


Marcy said...

Man we're the opposite! I am soooo upset that I'm going to have to let go of my flip flops soon. VERY SOON! I'm holding onto them as long as I can LOL

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the first round of colds has found its way to your house.

I am sad about Robert Plant, I love Led Zeppelin! But, I think Alison Krauss is wonderful.

J~Mom said...

I am thankful for my hubby humoring me on the 70 mile ride yesterday! :>)

teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear the concert was a success. I would like to see them someday!