Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lost in the Pages: Book Review of The Emerald Tablet by P.J. Hoover

I imagine this has been a glorious (yet exhausting) month for author P.J. Hoover. Her debut novel, The Emerald Tablet, releases this month. Now readers can hold and enjoy the fruits of months and months of her labor (moms will find the process remarkably similar to pregnancy and labor for humans - without the visible stretch marks).

The Emerald Tablet is a science fiction novel, the first of a trilogy for middle grade readers (target ages 8-14, with an emphasis on 11+, I believe). Anyone who enjoyed discovering the world of magic with Harry Potter will enjoy diving into a different magical world with Benjamin Holt and his friends. The group forms after meeting up at a summer school on the hidden, submerged continent of Lemuria. Can you imagine finding out one day that you have amazing "magical" skills - and that you've come from an underwater continent? What a plot line (and for you Potter fans, the experience is TOTALLY different from Harry's)!

In the midst of developing teleportation, telekenesis, telepathy and other new found skills, Benjamin and his friends discover the magical Emerald Tablet and find they must work together to save the world and battle adversaries from Atlantis (Lemuria's rival hidden continent). This is no easy summer school experience!

Filled with adventure, unusual experiences, plot twists and character trials, The Emerald Tablet is a book readers will not want to put down. Readers will find themselves in a new and exciting world, anxious to learn more about Lemuria and the conflict with Atlantis. Though their dialogue is sometimes lengthy, the characters are likable and easy to identify with: the curious bookworm, the competitive best friend, the confident girl, the shy and uncertain yet strong girl, and the confused but determined protagonist. I look forward to seeing how they continue to develop and what they tackle together in the next book!

Be sure to check out P.J. Hoover's website to learn more about The Emerald Tablet and for links to some other fresh middle grade and young adult novels being released this year. You can also visit P.J.'s blog for her perspective on being a newly released author!

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PJ Hoover said...

Thank you so much for reading The Emerald Tablet and for taking the time to write such a wonderful review! I really appreciate it!
You rock!