Monday, October 27, 2008

Starting with a Tired Body, but a Thankful Heart

Just when I get back in the groove with my workouts, my body says "Hold it, Sister!" I'm the last person in the family to get the hacking cough, headache and all around foggy brain, so I suppose it is only fair. I'm sticking with my balance ball routine, though. I'm not good at running with a headache, so that will have to wait, even if it is perfect fall running weather. *sigh*

Even though I'm bummed and foggy-brained, I do have a number of things for which I am thankful today:

1. The cooperation of my children as I sifted through the ingredients lists on 300 packages of cold medicine at the grocery store to find the ONE that did I what I need it to do.
2. The kindness of my husband to call and check on me throughout the day to see if he needed to come home early and bail me out if I was too sick to chase our busy little goobers.
3. Mr. Music's exploding interest in writing and making cards for others (he doesn't quite have it figured out that the letters have to be in some sort of linear arrangement in order for others to read his thoughts, but BOY, can the kid compose a lovely card FILLED with "words" - about half of which you can decipher, which ain't bad for 4!).
4. My aunt's improving health after major surgery and an impromptu last-minute trip to see her surgeon post-surgery that paid off BIG TIME. We're praying for continued improvement for her.
5. The power of NyQuil that shall lull me (and keep me) asleep tonight, as it did last night after an hour-long coughing fit. I'm being proactive tonight and taking it BEFORE bed!
6. The kindness of my husband for being on kid alert tonight while I'm zonked out (usually this is my territory - I'm the light sleeper, anyhow).

Wishing you health and happiness this week! If you are a runner, see if you can run an extra mile for me this week. :) I'll be back in the game by Thursday I'm betting.


Pavement Runner said...

Good luck with the recovery. It's the worst when all you want to do is get out there and put a few miles on your shoes, but health won't allow it.

My next run is this Sunday, the US Half in San Francisco and since you listed 6 things you are thankful for, I'll dedicate mile 6 from one blogger to another. But I'll be in costume, so I don't think it will be a fast mile.

Black Knight said...

Perfect running weather and the headache at the same time are a bummer! It's hard to watch out of the window and staying home.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

it's always good to remember what we're thankful for.

i can run an extra anything for you this week...but maybe in a few weeks i'll be back to running again!!