Wednesday, March 26, 2008

America's Kids Run

I love reading about other people's running experiences - the joy of setting a PR, the frustration with shortening a run because the snow is eyeball deep (I don't know HOW you people do it!), the elation of reaching a distance or speed goal. Lately I've been sitting at home celebrating alongside you blogging runners at my computer. I remember my early days of running (not so long ago, really - just back in 2003!) when I was seeing first-hand the joy of running as it bubbled forth from my third-grade students. There is nothing quite like a dozen giddy girls wiggling their hands over their heads to celebrate an upcoming run!
While reading about fellow adults is fun and motivates me plugging along with my own running, I'm THRILLED that I'll get to see this young passion for running again soon - I'll be attending the America's Kids Run Expo on Friday, April 26th in Spokane, WA and then staying to witness the kids in action on Saturday morning. I can't wait! 60 schools of children are participating in the event - well over 3,000 kids. Can you imagine the energy of that many kids harnessed at the start line? WOW!
The America's Kids Run developed in the 1980s as Junior Bloomsday to get kids excited about the Bloomsday race in May (a 12K race with over 50,000 runners - woah, baby!) and see how they could become fit and race, too (though at safer and more attainable kid-friendly distances). The run is still going, though the name has changed and the race reaches children on military bases, too (see the site to read about it!).
I faxed in my form today to be at the Expo, so it is all official. I'll be there - ready to see the future runners of Washington!
**** Goal Status Report ****
Hooray - the book is officially in 6 stores IN the state of Washington (and one store placed an order for MORE books because they sold-out their first batch already)! The stores out-of-state are now just icing on the cake . . . and I have 3 more business days to get a few more lined-up. Not too shabby. :) I'll hear from a store in GA next week . . . and am working on a few in NC and CA, too. I didn't really know when I jumped into this book publishing world that sales would be so challenging, yet rewarding. It's a good thing I just jumped in blindly, or I might not have done this . . . what an adventure!


Anonymous said...

The American Kids Run Expo sounds great. Getting children involved in physical activity is very important. Congratulations on the book making its way into 6 stores. I am sure more are to follow.

Jess said...

That's great that you'll get to participate in the expo. And congrats on the book sales!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Congrats on the success you are having with the book. That is so exciting!!

Marcy said...

WHOOO HOOOO CONGRATS on the book! ;D ;D How exciting :-)

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by : ) That's so exciting how well the book is doing. I brought one of my little boys to a Youth Track series last summer (he was three at the time), and it was absolutely amazing to see how thrilled he was at 'racing,' and participating in the events. It's so great to get kids excited about exercise!

As for the running skirts - they're not for everyone, but I personally love mine. I have a New Balance Bonita, and it's great. "Skirt" is really a misnomer, though, since most of them are skorts, with shorts underneath. I've seen some really cute ones at Target, too - much cheaper than the New Balance ones - but haven't tried them out yet.

I just think it's fun to have something kind of cute to run in once in a while : )

J~Mom said...

That sounds awesome!! Congrats on the book!!