Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Unlike the Midwest and the New England regions, the Pacific Northwest hasn't been slammed with snow storm after snow storm this year (we do feel for you, though!). We did have our share of tumultuous snow for a few weeks across the Cascades, closing the passes that connect Western and Eastern Washington, but that has passed (no pun intended!) for now. What we've experienced is the taunting of Mother Nature - sunny and beautiful (60 degree weather) days for 6-8 day stretches, followed by grey, overcast days with no end in sight for the fog lifiting, only to have another sunny day coax everyone to the garden centers for spring planting, but immediately tossing in another long stretch of gloom and rain.
Our commute to pre-school this morning left me looking for movie production crews doing a remake of the classic Brigadoon. The fog was so thick that I couldn't see beyond the trees across our street - usually I can see across the valley to the ridge leading into Redmond (breathtaking!). It really looked like the world stoped at the treeline, that if the world was flat as the explorers of old believed, the edge of the world is nearly at my doorstep! As we drove out of our town to the next, I half wondered if Duvall would still exist when my daughter and I returned home for the morning, or if it would magically disappear for a century like the mystical town of Brigadoon. I'm happy to report that our town DOES still exist and thankfully our home does, too. Nearly three hours later the fog is just starting to clear and I can even see a house on the ridge across the Valley - whew!
I'm disappointed to report that I did not get in the run this morning that I've been longing to take. While the congestion is clearing, my son was restless with busy dreams last night from 10:30 (I was nearly asleep) until about 12:30 (I reassured him and tucked him in at least 6 different times). At one point he had me promise to share the apples with him, leaving me quite curious as to WHAT was going on in his dreams. He did wake up cheerfully this morning, so I have high hopes for a pleasant day and good sleep tonight.  Tomorrow is another day - and the running clothes are already ready!

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