Sunday, March 9, 2008

I've been put to a challenge!

So my husband (he's 6'4" and FIT), thinks that if I put my mind to it that I can run faster than he does (can you hear me laughing as I type this?). He's told me this a few times in the past year and each time I have little to say other than, "Really?" while scrunching up my face and sticking out my neck like a turtle (as if this will somehow express my bewilderment more emphatically).
I think his point may be somewhat valid, though not completely within the realm of possibility. YES, I do think that it is time to turn up the heat and get this bod moving faster than the gentle 10 minute miles I tick off on the treadmill (I'm pretty sure I run faster on the pavement, but that's because when I run outdoors I'm usually with my husband!). I'm not quite sure that this is going to be the year that I shave-off 3 mintues/mile, though. So, to bust out of my monotony, kick myself into gear, and see if my husband is onto something, I ran a faster mile yesterday (instead of a slower 2-3 miles like I've been doing this winter). I did the first half mile at a 9:31 pace and finished the mile at 9:12. It felt good yesterday AND I still feel good today! 
So, I'm officially moving out of the boring, safe zone I've been navigating for far too long. I'm ready to find a plan that will get me on the right track for a 10K in early June (Duvall Days) that will also help me realize the strength and speed that is hiding inside me. I might not beat him to the finish line of that race, but my husband won't have time grab a post-race snack AND take a turn in the port-a-potty (Honey Bucket, loo, Johnny-on-the-spot . . . whatever!). He'll just have time to pick one!
Look out, Love - I'm ready to run!

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Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh my - major breakthrough. I have been consciously trying to run a bit faster but that means in the 11's :D :D

Good luck with the speed!!