Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Take 4

I reported earlier that I did not get in a run this morning. That doesn't mean that I didn't get in a good workout, though! I had the honor of escorting four children a good half mile or so (I'll check the distance tomorrow on the way to pre-school) from our house to the park at the top of a fairly decent hill. This would be a great time to mention that the four kids were all under the age of 4. I'm sure some of you are cringing right now at the thought of it, but the following things helped:
- they all "got their snack on" prior to leaving the house (full-bellied children are generally happy children)
- the three-year-olds visited the potty immediately after the snack and before the departure
- the one year olds like the double jogger and were good passengers, both being more laid back than their older siblings
- each child had a drink in a desireable/distinct cup
- graham crackers were dispersed upon arrival to refuel the three-year-olds who made the trek by foot (I wish I had my camera with me, b/c the four of them sat on the park bench, shoulder-to-shoulder, with their drinks and graham crakers and as casually as can be without talking, poking, getting up, crying or anything - AND, I didn't plan it, it just happened naturally!)
- I had my Ergo Baby carrier with me just in case (had I left it at home, my daughter would have insisted on being carried and the three-year-olds would have duked out who would get to ride in the jogger - but, it works just like an umbrella - bring it and you won't need it!)
- the two kids who aren't mine were retrieved AT the park, enabling my son to ride home next to his beloved sister
- I brought extra hats, so when my son's friend wanted a hat, too, I was able to say, "Look at this cool hat - it's striped like your leggings - what do you say?" and she went, "That's a fun hat, it sure is nice of him to share it with me." Whew - this gal knows more about fasion at the age of three than I can even hope to know before I die, so I wasn't sure if she'd go for a BOY'S hat!
- the temperature was "just right" for these four little goldilockses - nobody got too cold or sweaty
- the park has a porta potty!
- we played for about an hour
The trip was just what the kids needed (my son "opted" not to take a nap this afternoon) to wear themselves out for a good night's sleep! So far, so good (knock on wood!). Tonight I sleep! Tomorrow morning I shall wake the treadmill from its slumber and remind my body of how great it is to run!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

It's always amazing how much planning and orchestrating needs to occur for some small thing like a trip to the park. Nice work!!

J~Mom said...

Whew! That does sound like a good workout!

Lindsey said...

Sorry you didn't like my advice on Lawson's website. I have a child with Autism, so discipline issues are a little harder to solve at times. That is what I am used to. I am glad it is so much easier for you.

Christine said...

hey! So be bad were you hurting after running the marathon undertrained? haha. Thanks for the encouragement.