Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mixing it Up

In effort to restore my belief in myself as a runner, I'm trying something new today. I'm switching my run from the morning to the evening. Before having kids, I really was a morning person. Now I'd LIKE to be a morning person, but I've become more of a "love sleep" person, which tends to keep me in bed as long as the kids will allow!

My attempts at morning runs on the treadmill before my son wakes and needs me for guidance through the morning routine have been few and far between. Those few times have been positive, and DO awaken the runner in me, but she wants to be awake more! So . . . as soon as my son falls asleep (Little Sister spoils us by falling asleep as soon as we put her in her crib!), I'm heading down to the treadmill to enjoy a nice, long run. I won't have to worry that he's going to wake-up and need the first of his breakfasts (he's our little hobbit, enjoying "second breakfast" on most days) or that his sister will have an early wake-up day and need my attention, too. I can just run, mom-brain turned off and runner-spirit turned on.

The tricky part will be when I discover what night running will do to my sleep. When I was growing up as a dancer (I spent a sizeable chunck of the first 16 years of my life in a dance studio) it always took a good amount of time to unwind from the physical exertion of night classes. That's what's great about exercising in the morning - it wakes me up and keeps me going through the day. Maybe my other new "habit" (well, it isn't really a habit yet, but I hope it will be soon!) of reading for the last 30-45 minutes before bed will help quiet my mind and body so that I can sleep. Too bad we aren't equipped with an off switch - that would really come in handy . . . though there is that pesky need to have someone to flip said switch back to ON in the morning. Hmmmm . . .

Before I head down to run, I will report that I did go to my Vinyasa yoga class on Thursday night (BIG HOORAY!) and that I did run on Friday morning before picking-up the kids from my parents' house after their treasured weekly overnight. The run replaced my Friday morning cleaning session (I did sleep-in a smidge, too!), but the run was long over due and there's ALWAYS cleaning to be done, so I figured it could just wait. :)

Here's to trying something new to help me get back to my passion! I wish you well in your own positive steps toward your goals today!

*UPDATE* - I ran two miles (9:50 pace first mile, 9:40 the second - negative splits, whoo hoo!) and had a third mile of incline walking (to prepare to run uphill). Unfortunately it is nearly 10PM and my son is not yet asleep. He peeked in to say hello during my second mile, which proved to be agitating. I ignored him and he eventually went back to bed. Thankfully the frustration pushed me to stick with the treadmill to do the third mile. I'm now feeling less disturbed and centered and was even able to calmly tuck-in the little goober for a 4th (and FINAL) time tonight. He seems to be settled now so I can grab a shower and read a few pages before turning into a pumpkin!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh man, I hate the "pop up" - we have one that tends to pop up too (and he needs less sleep than the rest of us!). We've tried rewards for staying in there and now he has a little booklight that he can use to look at his books. This has helped quite a bit.

Hooray for getting your run in!!

Marcy said...

LOL, I TOTALLY know what you mean by the concerns of exercises and sleep. I'm the same way. Back when the kids used to go to bed at 9:00pm I'd be downstairs exercising sometimes at 10 and then be really wired afterwards. Not being able to go to sleep til the early AM hrs. I hope it works for you ;D

Anonymous said...

Once you get into a routine I think you'll be fine and the sleep pattern will come. Just make sure you give yourself at least an hour and a half before you want to sleep. I hear you with trying to fit in runs around the kids schedules, not always an easy task!

J~Mom said...

It only takes about an hour for me to unwind after a night run. I hope it works out for you! It's so hard to balance all of this!