Friday, March 21, 2008

Two-thirds of the way there!

Javamom is working on her B-Fit B-Day Challenge this week to celebrate her birthday (Happy Birthday, Lisa!) - and is nearly finished with her week-long swim, bike, run goals. I have no interest in triathlons myself (I'll need a good series of swimming lessons before you can convince me to do open water swims!), but I'm thrilled for the folks who are up for the challenge of them and will cheer them onto their goals. While Lisa sweats to cover her distanced related to the number 37 (guess why!), I'm plugging away at my less physical, but still challenging, goal of getting my book into 6 running specialty stores by the end of the month. With just one week left, I'm happy to report that my efforts are starting to pay-off:
- 2 stores already have the book in hand (one of which was thrilled to sell a copy within 2 minutes of having it out for shoppers!)
- a store in Idaho will have their books by the end of next week (not sure if I should count this, since my original goal was 6 stores in WA . . . but after I set the goal, I decided I should be more assertive and send copies to the entire Northwest region - with another target population of the Southeastern states next week because I lived in NC a few short years ago . . . this got long and probably didn't need to be in parentheses - sorry!)
- a third WA store placed their order today (hooray!)
- I'll touch base with another WA store at the start of next week (that should be Store #5 toward my goal - or maybe just #4, based on the above pondering!)
- And then, of course the calling continues for follow-up to all of the others who have gotten review copies . . . but, things are looking good!
I also am happy to report that I ran 2 miles last night (9:22 & 9:13 respectively) - proving to myself that my winter pace of 10:00 miles was not challenging and that it is time to work on distance now that I know I have some speed in these legs. The run felt SO GOOD - and I proved to myself once again that strong running (for me!) really is all about the breathing. If I wavered from my inhale 4, exhale 3 pattern, I'd get short of breath and start second guessing my abilities. Once I resumed the pattern, I was able to forge ahead, feeling confident and happy again. Hooray for breathing!
Wishing you all well on YOUR goals! No matter if your goals are fitness, work, parenting, or of another nature, I highly recommend breathing your way to achieving them - holding your breath is never helpful!  :)


Crabby McSlacker said...

Breathing! Something I often forget to do enough of. Thanks for the reminder.

And congrats on the book, that's so cool!

J~Mom said...

Thank you for the birthday wish!! :>D I will email you back with my address for the book as soon as I get back to email, LOL!