Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter rain

Happy Easter!
Yesterday we enjoyed sunshine and near-60 degree weather, making it the perfect day for lawn mowing and weed pulling. The neighborhood was out in full force spring cleaning their yards - including our little family (our son even had his lawn tools out - mower, hoe, shovels, the works!). I'm sure it was a great day for thousands of runners, too, though our daughter hasn't quite shaken this stomach bug she's had for nearly a week, so we opted for the yard workout so we could be home for her to nap or snuggle with one of us.
Today the weather forecasters were dead on with their 100% chance of rain prediction. It has rained 100% of the day and doesn't look like it will let up anytime before night fall. That being said, the Easter Bunny had some quick thinking to do. Heaven help us when the Easter Bunny has to remember all of his problem-solving techniques next year (though we're counting on our detail-oriented son to help us stay on track). At our house the Easter Bunny thought it would be fun to draw clues and hide them in plastic eggs - the clues were then handed in for the actual items (with my son's food allergies, we stay away from the traditional candy stuff). For a 2 year old, this was great. The Bunny didn't count on him remembering those details for this year . . . so here's how the weekend went:
- Son's question: How will the Easter Bunny put clues in the real eggs? (last year we somehow missed the egg decorating tradition and went plastic - not sure why . . . )
- Our half-baked answer: Oh, he'll probably just put the clues beside the eggs. Your eggs are too pretty to try to pry open - and that would make a big mess!
- Son's question: Will the EB come at night like Santa?
- Our half-baked answer: The EB doesn't want children to have to hunt for eggs in the rain, so he waits until early morning to hide them.
- Son's question (first thing in the morning): I don't see any eggs. When will the EB come?
- Our half-baked answer: Well, since it is raining hard, the EB has to go into EVERY house, which takes longer than if he just hides eggs in the yards. Hopping from house to house in the pouring rain is hard work. He'll probably visit our place while we're at church.
- Son's question (when we got home from church): I still don't see any eggs! Isn't the EB coming?!
- Our half-baked answer (through silent eye-communication between parents): That EB is a good hider - you better go downstairs to find your egg collecting basket!
*While son and husband (carrying Little Sister) completed the basket-finding mission downstairs, clever EB quickly hid the eggs and forementioned clues upstairs*
The egg hunt was well received (even with the issues we had to tap dance around!) - he was thrilled to be able to read the clues and trade them in for his goodies. Before long the excitement of it all was nearly forgotten, as the smells of breakfast filled the air and our son was reminded that his stomach does, indeed, rule his life (and ours, too).
I'm glad the questions of the day are now documented so we can reference them next year!  The Easter Bunny sure does have a hard job - it isn't as clear-cut a mission as his pal Santa's!


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

And Happy Easter.

Those questions remind me somewhat of the conversations we had one Christmas when my (now teenage) kids were little. :)

Jess said...

Sounds like a great Easter!