Friday, March 28, 2008

A Hammer is a Tool

This has been a LONG and rollercoaster-like week for me, so I'll keep my post short (er, mostly) and light. Here's a funny little exchange between my son and husband on the way to my son's ice skating lesson:

son: Hey, Dad, can we listen to some loud music?
husband: Sure! What do you have in mind?
s: I really like Hammer!
h: Oh, you mean Tool?
s: That's what I said - Hammer!
h: Right. We can listen to Tool.
*turns on Tool, loudly, of course*
s (using a regular voice, rather unsccessfully): What instruments are they using, Dad?
h (yelling): What?
*turns down music*
s: Why'd you turn down the music? Now I can't tell what instruments they're using!
*music returned to loud volume*
s (using regular voice, again unsuccessfully): Is that guy singing? What's he saying, Dad?
*music turned down*
h: What did you ask?
s: Why'd you turn down the music? Now I can't hear what he's saying!
h: You were asking me a question, but I couldn't hear you.
s: That's because we're listening to it LOUD!
h: Which is why I can't hear you when you talk. What's your question?
s: Can we stop talking so I can hear the music?
*music returned to loud volume*

Of course, as my husband relayed this episode, he was all too happy to point out the difference between our rides with our son.

Rides with Mom (that's me!):
- ambiance music is some sort of kid-friendly, family-approved music, ranging from Kindermusik tunes to various guitar soloists to the soundtrack from the musical Frog & Toad (recommended, but not more than once/week, or you'll be singing that "Toad looks funny in a bathing suit!" in your sleep)
- breaking out into song is okay and everyone is encouraged to join-in
- conversations about anything!

Rides with Dad (few and far between : generally only to ice skating & to the hardware store):
- music is generally LOUD and may be: Phish (not too shabby), Tool (not Mom-approved), Grateful Dead (better than Tool), Moe (will do) . . . generally anything goes, ECEPT for items in Mom's car
- breaking out into song is okay if you're singing along with the LOUD music already playing
- music is playing to negate the need for conversation
- coversations are okay if they keep son's thumb out of his mouth (we're working to distract him from thumbsucking!)

Rides with Mom & Dad (weekends only!):
- music is generally off
- son interrupts any Mom/Dad conversations to have all focus to himself (unless music is turned on to negate conversations!)
- daughter happily enjoys sights out window while tuning out above mentioned conversations (smart girl!)
- breaking out into song is highly encouraged for all to deter daughter from crying when the trip has been too long

Ah, parenthood!


sarah said...

Glad to hear things are moving along with your book. And the America's Kids Run sounds great (and they have an Expo?!). Looking forward to hearing those details.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Ha! That's funny about the differences between riding with mom and dad and the music being played.

All the music in my car is mom-approved too...and my kids are teenagers!!

Molly said...

My sister and brother in law are the funny!
Thank you for your insightful comment on my post!
I look forwad to keeping up with you!
Take Care!

Michelle said...

Too funny!

J~Mom said...

So cute!! Did I ever email you my address? I need to go and look. LOL I am telling you I am like a chicken with my head cut off somedays!