Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I've mentioned before that my three-and-a-half year old son is Mr. Music - he sings, plays instruments, and literally hums his way through every day. I jokingly tell people that he is an "incessant hummer". There are days that he hums lovely little tunes while he does things around the house. Other days he just hums one note over and over and over and over (well, you get the idea!). Let's just say I prefer his happy little tune days!
Well, last night we confirmed that the term "incessant" is more of a reality than a light joke. When my husband checked on Mr. Music before we went to bed he discovered that our son even hums in his sleep!  I am NOT making this up!  This little redhead literally eats, breathes and SLEEPS music!
When I was a teacher I always thought I should be paid for the work I did in my sleep. Though papers never got graded and my classroom didn't get organized, I do think that my dreams helped me work out classroom issues and create new lesson ideas. Imagine how cool it would be if the running I did in my sleep could actually improve my time or endurance.  THAT would be a great help, because I'd be able to get in a run every day that way!
Overall, I guess my son's sleep humming serves as a reminder that when we find a passion, it becomes part of our very fiber and there is just no escaping it - even in our sleep! 

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RunnerGirl said...

As a teacher, I have to agree with that idea of getting paid while you sleep :)

That's adorable that your son hums even in his sleep!